Computing advices



Basket : The basket is a provisional site where are tidied files to delete. To delete definitively files it is necessary to empty the basket .


From the basket we can restore files if we have suppressed them mistakenly .  The basket holds place on the hard disk if we do not empty it .


Mouse:  In general ( for a right-handed ) the left button serves to select , the right button  to open a small menu and the wheel to do a screen moving .


Ctrl & Shift :  If we push the key                 during selecting with the mouse , choosen objects are added .  With the key                we determine the first and the last  objects of a list .


To displace:  If we maintain the support on the left button of the mouse during selecting an object , we can displace it to an other window .


Stop:  It is necessary to stop the computer by the operating system  before cut the power supply , otherwise we risk to lose files not transferred on the disc .


Screen copy:  If we push on the key                   we transfer what is displayed on the monitor to the paper press .  we can then paste this image in a software .


Safeguard :  It is necessary to safeguard works made on a computer to the case or a breakdown would occur , out of the computer , for example on a Usb key or a CD Rom .


Cleaning :  The cleaning of a hard disk allows to suppress temporary files ( directory TEMP, Internet Temp ) and to empty the basket entirely .


Test software :  It is necessary to avoid installing software to try them , even suppressed it leave almost always traces on the hard disk ( Ex: empty directories ) .


Frozen software :  If we push on keys                                                          at the same time we stop the frozen software by accessing to the administrator tasks .


Internet :  There is on the hard disk an incredible quantity of files recorded by the internet navigation .  We can delete them from navigator .


These files are notably COOKIES that serve to memorize in your computer what you look , to use them later for targeted advertisements .


Internet :  Don’t  forget that  when you use an Internet connection everyone can view what you put on your site and can capture it or record it :  personal photographies ,


various revelations, religious and political opinions , persons you now …….


Breakdown :  Problems or breakdown on a computer are rarely due to electronic but to software problems ( sometimes caused by the user ) .


In principle the computer indicates during the starting , by bips sounding  , if it detects an electronic problem .  A computer in breakdown is displaying nothing at all .


Anecdote :  A tension of  5 volts being present on a USB plug  , we  can use it to supply machines or gadgets that have not the USB function .