Midi connection



The Midi connection is made by an armored cable with two internal wires , supplied at each extremity by a male Din plug with five spits .


Plugs on machines are OUT tor send orders , IN for receive orders and TROUGH that recopies the signal present on the IN plug .


The signal is transmitted by a luminous flow ( in an integrated circuit situated after the IN plug )


and the ground is not connected on the IN plug .


There is no electric connection ( neither common ground connection ) between the two connected machines ,


therefore no hum by making a loop with the two ground connections .

The machine that sends Midi orders is connected on OUT and one that receives this orders on IN , the plug TROUGH allows to control an other machine on its IN plug .


The second machine receives the same orders that the first , if we want that they are independents it is necessary to program them on different channels .


The Din plugs send or receive 16 different channels allowing each to interpret a personal sound of instrument . The channel 10 is destined for percussions .


The order Program Change serves to choose the sound that will be played by a given channel , or a drum kit on the channel 10 .


The order Controller serves to choose some sound values : volume , panoramic , reverberation , chorus


With sophisticated orders like NRPN , Sysex . . we can program features on the controlled machine.