Sound of guitars

For an electric guitar the amplifier and the acoustic enclosure have the same function that the body of an acoustic guitar ( that forms a resonant box ) .


Amplifier and enclosure for bass guitar increase basses sounds while comprising a hump in the band pass to give body to the sound .


An amplifier for electric guitar decreases a lot basses and increases a lot trebles corresponding to this instrument .


The enclosure for electric guitar does not render a lot basses and has a hump of resonance at 2000 to 3000 Hz to give a clear sound .


Enclosures for the two types of guitar do not render the extreme trebles , except bass enclosures with treble speaker .


An important point is the output of speakers (expressed in decibels) . +3dB means acoustic power multiplied by two .


An amplifier of 30 watts with an enclosure of output 96 dB has the same sounding level that an amplifier of 60 watts with an enclosure of output 93 dB .


What counts for an amplifier is the continuous efficient power ( true RMS ) . Improper names : musical power , admissible , maximum , PMPO .


When there are several identical speakers in an instrument s enclosure , it becomes more directive ( it projects sounds in front of enclosure ) .


The impedance ( between 4 and 16 ohms ) and the power ( in watts ) of acoustic enclosures are not very precise values but rather reference values .


The microphone of an electric guitar is constituted with a magnet surrounded by a coil of wire. If there are two coils the microphone takes less magnetic radiations .


A microphone with a simple coil has a low electric level , renders less basses . It has a more dry sound , more net , more elementary .


A microphone with double coils has a electric level stronger, renders more basses . It has a sound with body and some harmonics .


The major problem with electric guitars , without internal electronics , is that we can not connect them with a long wire . The problem is again worse with volume on middle .

This problem can involve high frequencies loss , perhaps hum is present . It is better to always leave the volume button to the maximum.